about Siddha clinic

According to Siddhars “ Unave Marunthu, Marunthe Unave”, meaning food is medicine and medicine is food. In accordance with this statement, the line of treatment at Siddhalaya combines traditional siddha remedies along with dietary food supplements. The role of lifestyle management and yoga asanas are also stressed for healthy living.

At Siddhalaya, our focus is to apply ancient remedies in their purest form to manage disease, with the help of a combination of Herbo-mineral preparations of the highest quality, dietary supplements and external therapies. In this journey of eradicating disease, our aim is to establish system of Siddha as not an alternative system of healing, but as a holistic remedy which can be accessed by the common man as a first line of treatment in tackling health challenges.


To render Ancient Siddha Knowledge and Treatment to people and guide them to a healthy way of living.


To become the leading Siddha Clinic in the country and take the legacy of Siddha Knowledge and Treatment ahead